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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Race was good, Fox and Facebook sucked!!! I hate these damned tape delayed races. It is so hard to stay away from race results, prior to watching the delayed race on Fox. Amazing that race results will turn up where you least expect them. I went over to reply to a friend request on facebook, and there on the front page of it is Brawn GP saying congrats to JB. ARGH!!!!!! F U facebook!!! argh....hate that thing, why did I ever sign up?

I digress...

Race was fun to watch. Turkey is such a great circuit. I headed over to a local place to watch it on a big screen (102" HD projector) and drink $2 Stellas. It was nice. Too bad the sound level on the commercials almost made me deaf. I was up and down on the volume as much as -20 to 30db. Unacceptable performance from the audio crew over @ Fox. They need to be listening to program levels, or be watching meters. That audio broadcast was CRAP!!!!! Jerks.

Congrats to JB on yet an other dominant win. And also to RBR for getting both cars up onto the podium. Vettel f-ed up by making his 1st lap mistake. That cost him the race for certain. Rather incredible that so many cars finished the race. Was it only Rubens that DNFed?

Next weekend we have LeMans 24 hour, the British GP weekend after that. June is gonna be a fun racing month. I think "Truth in 24" will be playing on a loop @ my house this week.
Just Barrichello (gear box issue?) and Fisi retired from the a few good overtakes....finally a great move from Piquet Jr on Hamilton!!!
probably this will keep him employed for a few more races...

ahhh...facebook....i only stick with mafia war....i kept myself away from all the internet sites after i'm it was a bit tense to watch if Vettel's 3-stopper is gonna work...then its clear he can't make up the pace for a 3 stopper strategy.....