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Originally Posted by ken5285 View Post
Just putting out a survey or discussion. Since I am new to this forum, I'd like to introduce myself to all of you here. I am currently in Lawrence, Kansas. About to make a big move in buying a car and would like to see some suggestions, ideas or advice. I've been looking at a lot of e46 M3's for sale between 2002-2004 with and without smg. I am really falling in love with the e46's and am ready to upgrade from Acura to BMW. It has always been a childhood dream to won a bimmer. On the other hand, I am also contemplating between the M3 and a leased new 2009 335i sedan or coupe. For the money, reliability, performance, maintenance and other stuff I have not mentioned here, which do you guys think would be a better buy? Thanks guys and girls in advance for your posts. Look forward to reading them.
Do this, buy the e46 M3 first then after a full day driving ask yourself if you still want the 335.....I doubt it.... If they are both from a dealer you can always return due to changing your mind.