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What's missing is a picture thread for Individual colors. Here we go...

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BMW M Brand Manager Matt Russell on the availability of Individual options in the USA (see full interview here)

Is it more difficult to have BMW Individual paints or trims ordered in the US, compared to Europe?
Can you please explain the proper ordering process?
Are there any limitations?

All BMW Individual options available to European markets are available to North American customers. Ordering is available through every one of BMW's dealers. There's an order form dealers can put together for customers interested in having Individual work done. The dealers submit that order form old fashioned style (via fax) or they can scan and e-mail it to BMWNA's automotive sales department where there is a contact who receives individual requests and special orders all day long. That contact has a bridge directly to Germany and she'll find out how long it'll take to do whatever the customer is requesting, and she'll reply to the dealer with the timeframe and the price. If the customer is satisfied with the response, they can then go ahead and order the car. Individual is most popular on the 7-series and the M3 and is growing in popularity.

Just make sure your dealer knows about the special order form. If they don't have it or don't know about it, it's available via a quick e-mail to the BMWNA automotive sales department, which every dealer knows how to get in touch with.

The only limitation is what can the factory actually do. For example, Leipzig is not able to do Individual orders yet, but this may change some day in the future (so models produced there, such as the 1M coupe are not able to be ordered currently with Individual colors or options).

Also have a look at H2's post for the current list of Individual colors, courtesy of BMW UK: