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Originally Posted by labelexec View Post
Very nice! But it looks to similar to Jerez
Thanks! - Like I said in my original post, Azurite is a tough colour to photograph (at least for me, it is). If you place Jerez and Azurite side-by-side, it is plain they are quite different. Azurite has a deeper blue, a richer overall colour, and much more pronouced metallic flake. The difference for the most part for most would be largely academic, but for me, I know the difference, and that's all I need

Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
nice dude
would love to see more pics of the color
id go with matte black side and front grilles, if you want to leave it classy. Leave the OEM chrome centers of the grille, and only use the outside frame of the matte black. Better yet, have the OEMs painted (just the outside frame of the kidney grille) and do the same with the sides. thats what I did before my CF ones.

this is how mine looked before i got the CF side gills.
btw, where in Canada are you?
Thanks! I'll try and get some better pics of the colour soon.

I'm still vascillating between matte/chrome. I have the matte stuff sitting in my garage - need to get one side installed, take pics, and see what you guys think.

I am in Saskatchewan - believe me - driving an M3, you definitely don't see yourself coming the other way! Kinda nice in a way, but I envy you guys out east - it would be nice to hook up with some of your get togethers......

Thanks everyone, for all the kind compliments.

And once again, thanks, Nate/IND.

Next step.... some performance upgrades.... one must do, what one must do....
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