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MP3 player question

I also have the USB connection in my BMW. You guys have said that with a regular Ipod if you connect through the USB port, you must also connect through the AUX input to get sound, the USB only provides the text information. However, if you use an Ipod Shuffle, the sound will play directly through the USB w/out the AUX connected. Is this because a different type of memory (flash) is used in the Ipod Shuffle? If so, does this mean that any other MP3 player with flash memory (specifically the Cowon O2 is what I'm interested in) would connect and play directly through the USB w/out the AUX connection?

I ask b/c if you connect through AUX, you lose sound quality b/c of D/A conversion.

Also, if anyone is familiar with the BBE technology used in Cowon players to enhance the quality of MP3 music, do you know if the player is connected through a USB port, rather than through use of the headphones, will that circumvent the BBE enhancements? Is BBE only operative and effective when music is played through the headphones (and I presume has passed through a D/A converter)?

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.