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Originally Posted by
ok, I realized I haven't told the dealership to make sure
that they don't put on the front license plate when they receive
the vehicle that I ordered.

but the salesman told me(the one who sold me the car) it already
comes from the factory pre-drilled&mounted, and i can get $400 fine
by the police to not put on the front license plate.

I know my state requires front license plate, but that is just
regular ticket issue. alot of times, cops don't even care.
and I see people getting vehicles without the plates from
the dealerships just fine.

Is my salesman just telling me some lame excuse because
he doesn't want to do it? or is it really true?

I thought it is owner's responsibility to whether the owner
wants to put the plate on or not. Doesn't dealership must provide
the vehicle in the exact condition that the owner want?
it'll come drill if you live in a state that is require to have them in the front. unless the salesperson is cool and keep a watcch on it for you , like puck. you lucky duck did i read right $400 fine??? in california its only a fix it ticket. its only $10.