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I have a Noah/Evolution4 Tan Cover bought from Bavarian Autosport ( and really like it. I have used covers for 20 years. Here's a few tips...get custom fit or you will regret it the first time the wind blows...ability to run a bungee or lock underneath the car and attach to grommets is a plus...the thicker the material the more likely it will repel hail prepared for cover dust, some times a lot, on your car after you remove the cover...wash cover regularly (on the car, just spray it off and let it dry) and shake it out often...get one with FRONT labeled on the front or you will spend a good deal of time unwinding it each time...pack it carefully - like a parachute - with the word FRONT visible so you know where to position the cover...pull it out with one hand on the word FRONT, toss is on the roof and then put it over the side mirrors first then the front and back especially if it is windy...if you park at airports, they will need to see your license plate# OR you can write it on the back of the might NOT want BMW written on it as this advertises what's underneath...keep a big plastic bag handy for the times that you remove the cover while it is wet. Hope this helps!!