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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
How did you like that SL600? I have been curious (since price and performance seem to be close) whether the quieter seemingly more refined V12 SL600 is a better vehicle than an AMG tuned loud V8 SL55 or SL63.
I at the time had a choice and an open budget to consider either SL! (except ofcourse the none were available and I didnt have the funds to even justify a used 65 at that time)

The SL55 I drove for the first time felt quite nimble and made the right noises. I mean we all think that with 493bhp and 516lb/ft

then once i started the mighty V12 TT SL600, I suddenly realised that this is a wolf in sheep's clothing. definitely the sleeper of the group, with 493bhp as well but 590lb/ft torque. Its a monster off the line and actually quicker off the line too.
With Renntech's package (ECU and TCU retune) it put 625bhp and 738lbft torque. MOre then the SLR and SL65 at the time

Plus the SL600 had the likes of being a grand tourer and was very very fast, and it had the power whenever you needed it. Would overtake 20 cars at once on country roads!
In comparison to the 55 it had no lag, and its turbos were always ready. SO the supercharged V8 vs TwinTurboCharged V12, I would pick the V12 anyday.

I know yours is a black series and its tuned differently, but specific to my example SL55 vs SL600....SL600 in a heartbeat.

Now the SL63 is a new beast altogether (MCT, 6.2 L V8 etc.) and after I do a thorough test, I will make my judgement then