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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Had to much of the Fanboy Koolaid? Coming from 3 previous BMWS (02 X5 4.6is, 03 x5 4.6is, 04 M3) I can say honestly you are completely drunk on the koolaid. If I had greater financial resources I would own a M3 as well so I could have the both of best worlds. However I can only have one and I made my choice with no regrets (aside from being on now my 3rd set of rear tires with almost 15K on the clock ). Atleast Mercedes has created some speciality/exotic cars in terms of the SLR SL65 Black Series and CLK63 Black Series. Now I know those cars are 10, 5, and 2 times the price as a M3 but still what competition in that market does BMW offer? Jeez if even a CLS63 or SL63 doesn't get your attention you have some really high standards. I would love to see if all the forum members here were given a choice to have one car, regardless of cost that BMW and Mercedes make, I'm willing to bet more people will be going with the three point star. I just don't understand how you can bash the majority of the MB product line with no real justification.
I agree, I would have gone for the SLR Roadster as my ultimate merc.

Plus some people fail to realize that the heritage and image of the 3 pointed star goes well beyond any of the mass-produced marques.
The reason is because they have made products like the old 600-series sedan of yester years, which was compared recently on topgear with the rolls royce corniche.

There is a certain brand preference and attachment with the mercedes brand. Although in the recent years, the partnership with chrysler has tarnished that image somewhat, but merc has been improving since and trying to go back to its old ways of being the best.

Now, dont get me wrong. BMW and Audi also make great products. Audi has gained some of that appeal that merc has sustained for so long by launching there R8. However, to be called as perfect substitutes of each other mercedes=/= bmw or vice-versa.

Put simply both brands have an enormous portfolio, however mercedes can sell cars like the BS, SLR, 65AMG cars with stratospheric price tags, because people are willing to pay for it Mercedes can easily compete with the exotics.

BMW had a few exotics if you will.
The M1 which died off in the 70s (a one-off partneship b/w lambo) &
then the Z8 (in the early 2000s) which also died off.
BMW has the potential to develop similar exotic products and perhaps in the future it will, but at the moment it doesnt have anything to compete with BS, SLR, 65AMG series vehicles.

My 2 cents.....

P.S. I have owned several BMWs, but only 1 merc which was a R230 SL600