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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
you cant make up your mind because your priorities are out of whack. You dont know where to begin, and if finding parking is a serious issue for you, definitely consider the 3 series. the 5er however is a beast in terms of comfort, and i think if you can live with struggling for parking jus a bit more, then by all means go for the 5.

Personally, thats not a question, i would immidiately take the five series, but thats because i dont care about parking. Think about it like this, your buying the car to drive in it, not to park it. when your in your investment, your only to be worried about interior and comfort. you can always find a park for a car, and i wouldnt mind spending the extra few minutes searching for a spot if it means im in a more spacious and comfortable vehicle.

So, whatever car you get, make sure to have PDC on front and back, and you'll be safe. either decision you make, you'll be ok. As long as its a bmw, you win.

lol Couldn't have said it better!