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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I have serious doubts that all of those figures are all stock, if you include stock also = OEM tires I am virtually positive. Getting 11.8@119 from a 4100 lb car with 469 hp is not likely. However, if the cars are under rated, putting out more like 500 hp at the crank as MikeG suggests I would buy those numbers. MikeG: What do you say about the time and trap got by MotorTrend? Do you think that car had close to 500 crank hp? I don't.
fwiw, most of them are on MBWorld. They are running stock. You can ask them yourself. There are others others with bolt-ons or tunes who post their times, too (check on draglist for the modded AMGs)

Better yet do a search on MBWorld and get the recent times from Fomoso back in Jan and Feb; there were two rentals/runs. Lots were stock, some not.

There was somebody who's been banned from here (and just about every other forum) that ran his M3 with only bolt-ons and MT rubber at the same meet. He had some launching problems and didn't post any good times. But he had posted some times that were kinda close in the past but no cigar.
Having AMGs with auto trannies worked against him.

These are different cars altogether anyway. German autobahn style muscle car versus a German back road style sport sedan.

But I'll run my stock E63 against a stock M3 in a 1/4 at the track.