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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
Maybe you do have a sorehead.

All stock:

fwiw, I'm on this board because I've owned more BMWs in the past then you can shake a stick at. (I'm way older than you, which is why I have an auto 7 speed tranny LOL) My P-cars are another story, another day....

Anyway, enjoy the car you have chosen at this point in your life, 'cause that's really what it's all about. Nothing else matters.
I have serious doubts that all of those figures are all stock, if you include stock also = OEM tires I am virtually positive. Getting 11.8@119 from a 4100 lb car with 469 hp is not likely. However, if the cars are under rated, putting out more like 500 hp at the crank as MikeG suggests I would buy those numbers. MikeG: What do you say about the time and trap got by MotorTrend? Do you think that car had close to 500 crank hp? I don't.