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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
Jesus Swamp. You almost agreed with me there. Just cause we have the same birthday.

Despite the fact that my head hurts after reading it what you say agrees with the magazine test. It's not until the 1/4mile that the Merc starts to get the head. All the way to 100mph the M3 is ahead which is what I would have guessed. Oranges to Oranges I don't know what all these AMG drivers are doing on here instead of an AMG board. I can only assume that like our car, our board is just plain superior.
Hmmm, not really. We agree that power is more important and power to weight is most important. However, the P/W of the E55 AMG is better than the M3. It looks like you have a typo the E55 AMG is 8.7 not 9.6 (4100/469) and since that is lb per hp you want a lower number. I generally expect the AMG to be a bit faster since it's P/W is better. It's automatic will also provide a bit of an advantage in drag style launches from 0. But the cars are certainly so close that it is also a drivers race.