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Originally Posted by MikeG_C63_AMG View Post
Again uninformed. All stock E55ís dyno exactly the same numbers as the V8 Kompressor engines in the CL55,S55, and SL55 motors. Meaning they all had roughly 493 HP at the crank. The topic is about straight line performance. No one denies the superior handling advantage of the M3 over the E55, however that point is invalid when your on the highway lined up and the 3rd honk is heard. I invite you to go over to some of the W211 AMG boards and look for there results of stock cars at the drag strip as well as encounters they had with E90/92 M3ís. Your suspicions will certainly change.
Uninformed? I read the information. The bhp is provided by Merc themselves. If you claim they all have more I'd like to see your proof and I don't mean some dyno run that guesses the crank bhp as they can't measure it and don't know the exact losses to the wheels. That would suggest that it's you that is uninformed. Dyno's cannot tell the crank bhp. End of. It's only an estimate and I'd be more inclined to believe the people that made the car then someone trying to flatter you and your car so you'll pay them more to use their dyno.

I told you I was painting here (still am) so just picked the first source in my search so I didn't go hunting for one that suits me.

To state that magazine tests are a waste of time is utter nonsense. They do more accurate testing that driving along waiting to hear the third honk. Magazines use equipment to accurately measure the performance over any given distance. They use the same test for each car so using figures for 2 different cars by the same magazine is waaaaaaaaaaaay more accurate then your suggestion. My point is that the extra bhp will be partially (if not all) negated by the extra weight and those figures prove it.

If you chose not to believe them or accuse a magazine test of being nonsense because it doesn't agree with what you dream is true then there's no real hope for you. Just search around for some more tests that show you're results and then swear that they are the only accurate source for information. In the meantime I would suggest heading off to an AMG chat board where everyone will just agree with you and you can all accuse sources that show different of being wrong.

My guess is in the real world from a stand still it's going to be down to who gets the better start and hits those gear changes perfectly. Of course in the Merc you don't have to worry about that. The old man gearbox will handle that for you