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Track pad swap out

I have a few questions about track pads and their use:

1) If you use track pads for a DE event and then put the stock pads back in, do you have to bed in the track pads again (the old ones you used last time)?
2) If you get new rotors in the meantime between track events, would you need to re bed in the track pads? I guess the question is once a set of track pads has been bedded in are you then set for the life of the pad regardless of use or whether you changed rotors or not.
3) Is there any utility to checking your rotor temps with an IR temp gun after a session? If so what temps should you be seeing and if not, is the track pad performance only going to be a function of the temp range of the pad and the heat dispersing capability of your braking system.
4) How would you know if the brake fade you are experiencing is a function of poor or inadequate pad choice or the need for a bigger rotor and caliper set up?