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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
I did say in the following post that I know there is a hell of a lot more to it than suspension mods. I did actually mention the heavy duty diff but wasn't going to add the whole list of changes. I was just saying that I didn't feel the mods justified the price. Plain and simple and I still stand by that. Just my opinion.

Rarity is no good reason to buy a car either (again IMHO). In fact that shouldn't even come into it if you are judging the car on abilities. That's just posing. If a car is dynamically excellent then what does it matter how many there are unless you just want to be able to say you have something no one else has?

I'm well aware of the models available as black in Europe but not here so I didn't want to list them in case I got shot down for saying an extra one.
I'm also working on price from the UK and not the US where, for example, the CLK Black is only fractionally under double the price of the std AMG version at ukp100,000 which is in GT3 territory and not a long way off F430/Gallardo when it came out (they have since gone up a bit).

Personally (just me) I would take any of the 3 of them even slightly used over any of the Black models. My point AGAIN is that cars are a personal thing and everyone likes their own choice. At no point have I knocked the abilities of mercs or anyone on here for choosing to buy one. I simply stated my opinion on the looks and later on what I see as manufacturer overcharging.

In the past I've knocked BMW for overcharging for the M3 in Ireland (equiv us$170,000). The fact that it's soooo much cheaper here meant that was moot and I bought one as at this price I see it as good value. The CLK AMG/IS-F are also good value here (same as M3 in Ireland) but I think the Black is not good value. If you or someone else thinks it is then great. Buy it and enjoy it. I think your GT3 on order is far better value.

I would also like to think that judging by your choice of cars that rarity was last on your list when you bought the black. You certainly don't sound like the posing, Hollywood type that buys to show off.
The only thing I will agree upon with you is that cars is a personal taste. To each his own fine. Also I understand comparing US prices to European/Canadian markets changes the game when it comes to the finances.

I don't own a Black Series first off. Never claimed to. If you consider being able to afford a luxury high performance sedan while living in a new building in one those most demanding location in NJ in my age bracket while working for the #3 defense contractor in the world then I'M GUILTY AS CHARGED. Crucify me baby for going to school and working to be successful and independent while being fully aware that at any moment in my life everything can be gone just like that. Here I am thinking posing was what takes place at the Jersey shore and when people own expensive cars while they live at home with there parents.