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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
Not so fast my friend. I'm supposed to be painting so I could only check the first source that came up in my search but the figures from Motor Trend are:

Mercedes E55 AMG
0-60: 4.1secs
0-100: 10.0secs
12.3 sec @ 113.8 mph
9.6 lb/hp

BMW M3 DCT (only one they had full figures for)
0-60: 4.1secs
0-100: 9.7secs
12.6 sec @ 113.2 mph
8.9 lb/hp

This hows that at the 1/4 mile the E55 has pulled away by a whopping 0.3secs and 0.6mph. Hardly way faster I think? In fact all the way to 100mph the M3 is ahead. And considering the handling advantage the M3 has I think I know which one I'd choose.

Doesn't matter to me either way but I had suspicions that the E55 wasn't as fast as people were making out.
Again uninformed. All stock E55ís dyno exactly the same numbers as the V8 Kompressor engines in the CL55,S55, and SL55 motors. Meaning they all had roughly 493 HP at the crank. The topic is about straight line performance. No one denies the superior handling advantage of the M3 over the E55, however that point is invalid when your on the highway lined up and the 3rd honk is heard. I invite you to go over to some of the W211 AMG boards and look for there results of stock cars at the drag strip as well as encounters they had with E90/92 M3ís. Your suspicions will certainly change.