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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
Listen to what you said there. 138k for a CLK???
I forgot to look at your sig to see where you are but I'm assuming the US which means add another 10-15k on for Canada.
It's a CLK63 with a body kit that will be personal taste (i actually prefer the looks of the blacks to the non), a fancy diff that makes the car weigh more than the standard AMG and a lower power to weight ratio? Personally I don't see the point but everyone to their own as they say. I'd take a 911 turbo/GT3 every time and be happy. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. I WAS ASKED AND ANSWERED HONESTLY. You like them. I don't. The world continues to turn.

I never said any of the Benz line-up was crap but I answered the question that was asked. I don't like any current Benz from a visual point of view. Visual. IMHO they ruined the SL with the over fussy detailing on the update.

If we all liked the same shape for a car there would be a very dull selection out there. If you like your Benz that's great. It would be a real pisser if you paid all that money and didn't like it

MikeG: When I read your post I just saw "Drunk on Koolaid" I didn't see the fanboy comment. Where was the fanboy comment in there?? I commented on looks of a few mercs. You have no idea how funny that is to me. All my life I have hated BMW's. All of them. This is the first one I've liked the look of enough to buy. In Ireland they're overpriced, under equipped status symbols driven by people with nipples on the top of their heads (tits). In recent years Merc drivers have joined that crew too but they tend to be the equivalent of your Cadillac drivers (old tits). But the actual post was actually a joke following on from 98octane suggesting a big red button to set everything to maximum. I was implying a trigger on the gear lever like in planes. (of some mercs for that matter but I was thinking planes at the time).

Having said that. I suggest you go to an AMG board if you only want to hear nice things about your car. This is an M3 site after all. You're more likely to find M3 fans here as they tend to be people that have chosen to buy one over an AMG. It's not like M3 drivers accidentally bought one and then said Oh Shit I meant to buy an AMG.

Ii still don't like the looks of the CLS Rapist. It looks melted
It just seems to me that some of your “opinions” are actually being communicated as “facts”. Like your arguments on the Black Series which justify your lack of knowledge on those cars and typical of the “Fanboy” stereotype. From your post I can tell you I owned more BMWs then you have, and no not regular versions either. That being said, show me a post of my track record of me bashing, putting down the M3 let alone another BMW. If you can find me one I’ll gladly be a man and say “well you got me there”. I have a feeling you will be looking for awhile.