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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
I'm talking looks alone. I'm not commenting on abilities of Benz'zzzz. To my eye they don't look remotely good. The SL was nice but the update has actually ruined it a bit IMO.

The Black series of cars are totally nonsensical vehicles. There is NO justification for the hike in price over the normal AMG version of each vehicle. Minuscule hikes in power and race suspension do not a hypercar make. They are basically priced in beyond some seriously exotic machines that are far more special and more able. Pointless again IMHO. Everyone to their own but I would have a long list of exotics well ahead of a black series.

In fact. I have no doubt you could improve the car far better going directly to third party tuners (maybe brabus?) and end up with a lot of money left over.

The CLS is one of the most ridiculous looking things I've ever seen. I looks like a banana on it's side.
Iím trying to make some sense of your comments on the Black Series. First off, there has only been 3 Black Series versions ever. CLK63 BS SL65 BS and the SLK55 BS which was never offered in the NA market. I doubt you are aware there isnít a Black Series edition for each AMG model because your post wouldnít lead anyone to think you do. With that being said, any knowledgeable non-bias car enthusiast can tell you how drastically different the 3 Black Series models are from there ďbaseĒ AMG model. You clearly state in your post that Black Series models differentiate themselves by only increase in HP/TQ and basic suspension parts (springs, shocks). Youíre missing a sizeable percentage of the complete package that makes up Black Series models which again supports my argument you are uniformed on the topic. Also, the only Black Series with a MSRP in the exotic range is the SL65 Black Series at $300K. Now I can see if you rather purchase a Ferrari, Lambo, Aston Martin rather then a SL65 Black series at that price fine. But the CLK63 Black Series at $138K isnít in the exotic price range unless your talking several years old used market. With that being said can anyone on these boards tell me how many times they seen a Black Series on the road? I seen more Ferraris, Lambos, and Astons as compared to the one CLK 63 Black Series I ever saw again not including at the dealerships. Coupled with the extremely low production numbers this supports how rare these cars truly are which in many true enthusiasts eyes is a factor in owning one.

Listen anyone can debate whether the MSRP doesnít justify the performance of these cars. I agree in some ways the price doesnít equal the performance of some of these cars. Yes itís possible to outperform Black Series models with the help of Renntech, Kleemann, and VRP. However there is no mod that can compensate for exclusivity which the Black Series will always have.