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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
That's not what you said. Your premise involved people arguing over a few tenths of a second. And my comparisons weren't drastic, they were very similiar cars.
It seems you're belittling the idea of better performance in a performance car forum. All I'm saying is that a few tenths of a seconds do make a difference to most people buying a fast car.
And it's not that I disagree that there's a lot more to a vehicle than pure acceleration numbers (if there weren't I probably wouldn't have purchased my Black Series).
Well I'll just agree to disagree and leave it at that.
Originally Posted by shchow View Post
I think true enthusiasm means appreciating cars for their strengths, not harping on their weaknesses. The C63 has phenomenal torque and straight line speed; the M3 has great all around handling, GTR has phenomenal speed and handling, etc.
Too many times on forums such as this, you get "my car is bettter than xyz," yada, yada, yada. Comments such as this just shows how narrow minded you are, and shows that you are not a true enthusiast.
I liken this to women. It's impossible to answer the question "who is the most beautiful".
Imagine making the comment "my wife/girlfriend is prettier/sexier than yours". Sounds pretty insipid and childish doesn't it...
Better worded than how I put it, but the same idea.

Originally Posted by footie View Post
Sorry to disagree but I too think you are missing the point Bimmer Loyalist was making. When the cars are really this quick those final few tenths here or there matter not, it's how enjoyable it is that's important.

You clearly enjoy you Black Series, but I bet you enjoy it for more than simply it's speed. You have openly admitted that you prefer it to a GT2 or GT3, even though both will be quicker on the track.

Listen, facts and figures are only things to brag about to mates over a few beers, if anyone is really interested in being quickest then best start with some serious professional driving lessons on the track because it's the driver that makes to biggest difference to lap times and we aren't talking about a tenth here or there.
Again, well said.
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