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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Listens to what she says, the details. Being Virgo with a Leo isn't enough of an explanation. But if you start listening, check a few web sites on teh details she tells/told you about, then show some level of comprehension, you MAY win over her obstacles that she sees.
IF she has given you details more specific than you are Virgo, but Virgo with moon decendant (etc.) you need to understand what she is saying, then demonstrate the opposite of what that reading may indicate.
But I really think, like was said about the garden above, is the real detail she is testing you on. Can you show some interest in something that interests her???
oh yea i also want to add to my previous response that i have shown interest in astrology with her. i would sit there and research it, send her things, and where we found faults, wed discuss it and how it relates to us individually and together. she loved it, i didnt...but i still took interest. but as time went on and the "fake" relationship went on...her views took over

Originally Posted by scorcherjf View Post
You actually use zodiac signs as a serious measure of compatibility...?
i dont, as you can see...i find it b.s., partially true but not to determine your romantic destiny. some people do tho, and its heartbreaking. for anyone who has to deal with it

characteristics play a part. but not to this extent.

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