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Originally Posted by JB135i View Post
Guys through the ages have faked interest/belief in alot of things through the years to get/keep a chick, why is this any different LOL?

For example, my wife likes gardening, so I do too. Not that I dislike our yard, and it actually is very impressive with what she has done to it. But is it MY passion, nope, but she is, so it all works out well.

So it sounds like you need to start "getting it (astrology)", pun intended.
youre right, we do fake things at times just like you say about gardening, and thats whats keeping it together. its not a lie...its respect and love

Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
Listens to what she says, the details. Being Virgo with a Leo isn't enough of an explanation. But if you start listening, check a few web sites on teh details she tells/told you about, then show some level of comprehension, you MAY win over her obstacles that she sees.
IF she has given you details more specific than you are Virgo, but Virgo with moon decendant (etc.) you need to understand what she is saying, then demonstrate the opposite of what that reading may indicate.
But I really think, like was said about the garden above, is the real detail she is testing you on. Can you show some interest in something that interests her???
i have always listened to her, ive always respected every word coming out of her mouth. she is a pisces. virgo is the opposite and she sees what she reads, "astrological hell". i cant talk to her about it because well 1. we havent talked in months, and 2. itll just piss her off and have her arguing again. like i said before, our relationship was extremely rocky, and it was because of how I was, not how we were together. she doesnt see it that way, no matter how ive explained it. it goes on and on that im just getting sick of this astrology business

Originally Posted by kyleb350 View Post
A bunch of those horoscopes are very generalized (like Jeep Jeep posted prior). I have yet to be freaked out because of a horoscope being so "dead on". I believe it's more for entertainment than anything.

On the other hand, I tend to always find myself with younger Scorpios and older Taurus women... (not at the same time)
yea they are generalized. they cant pin-point the details of what makes one virgo diff from another, or any other sign. these little details change who people are and differentiate one from another. and hell, those love matches dont mention ONE BIT of LOVE. they match you up on general characteristics of your sign.

for example, virgo is clean and neat...pisces is usually messy...."together there may be some conflict"...thats pure bullshit. to JB135i's post...THATS whats missing, that works

i should write a book lol

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