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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Sorry to disagree but I too think you are missing the point Bimmer Loyalist was making. When the cars are really this quick those final few tenths here or there matter not, it's how enjoyable it is that's important.

You clearly enjoy you Black Series, but I bet you enjoy it for more than simply it's speed. You have openly admitted that you prefer it to a GT2 or GT3, even though both will be quicker on the track.

Listen, facts and figures are only things to brag about to mates over a few beers, if anyone is really interested in being quickest then best start with some serious professional driving lessons on the track because it's the driver that makes to biggest difference to lap times and we aren't talking about a tenth here or there.

I don't believe I am missing his point. I think most are missing mine, that
a few tenths of a second do matter. That's all I'm saying. How they matter is up to the buyer. I just think people are mistaken in saying that it doesn't make a difference.

As far as preferring the Black to the GT3 and GT2 I honestly don't remember writing that but if I did I shouldn't have. I have never driven a GT2 and only gingerly drove a GT3. I would say I prefer the Black to the GT2 only in that its cheaper and more attainable for me. And the I prefer the Black to the GT3 because its a more practical car. Other than that I don't know.
I hopefully will be able to report back in a few months because I ordered a GT3 (though I haven't been told when I'll get it).
I will say I prefer the Black to the Turbo for reasons other than speed.
Again, I'm not debating there are a ton of different factors other than acceleration. If there weren't I'd be driving a ZR1.