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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
Firstly, a standard CLK63 wasn't on sale in the US, had I wanted one (and I didn't). And it didn't have a lower power to weight ratio.

Secondly, the CLK63 Black is more than a new differential and greater power.

Thirdly, it was a low production car. So of course there was a premium involved. Can you say GT2?

The Black Series CLK is a great car other than the transmission. And it was hands down my favorite in that price range.

As far as the CLS is concerned I will just restate that I think you're mistaken.
It is a great looking vehicle. And the fact it sold well and that a bunch of other companies jumped on the bandwagon to get a competitor out shows I'm not alone.

Full disclosure- I owned a CLS55
I think you're mistaken. The CLS is manky looking

This discussion is just proving the point that everyone has different taste. There is no right or wrong when it comes to cars. You buy what you like and enjoy it. It only becomes a problem when other peoples opinions of your car bother you.

I couldn't care less who likes M3's or not. I didn't like them until this model. I don't think any less of you for preferring or buying a Merc Black. Horses for courses.

I know the Black isn't as simple as that. I just couldn't type all the changes. I agree the auto box is a big letdown. One of the main reasons I wouldn't ever buy a Merc to be honest. Lexus seem to have made a nice compromise with IS-F on the speed of shifting at least although a little many gears I suspect. I still maintain it's overpriced even as a limited run. I can only look at prices in the UK and the Black is almost double the price of the equivalent AMG. I just can't see the justification (I know you didn't have the choice which is different). Again, for the Merc Fanboys, I'm not knocking the cars just expressing thoughts.

I did find the fanboy comment from MikeG amusing though. That was funny. For a couple of reasons. It's an M3 site and secondly I never mentioned the M3 never mind compared it to the Merc.