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Originally Posted by CSMRX7 View Post
I shift into 2nd in the work zone before 11/12 it is a tough downshift in our cars since the workzone is so short. By the apex point of 11 I am in the throttle and keep adding throttle until I am full throttle at the apex of 12 which gives me a bit more acceleration on to the straight but you have to make sure the car is pretty ballanced or the back end of the car will pull to the outside wall. But good for a couple KPH. Based on my RPM I am hitting 225ish at the end of the straight.
Confirmed, I achieved 216 in fourth before the rev limiter kicked in.
Now I am wondering if my rev limiter was increased form 8300 - 8600 when they installed the stage 2 from Turner? Easy to find out. Need to hit the street.