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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
Listen to what you said there. 138k for a CLK???
I forgot to look at your sig to see where you are but I'm assuming the US which means add another 10-15k on for Canada.
It's a CLK63 with a body kit that will be personal taste (i actually prefer the looks of the blacks to the non), a fancy diff that makes the car weigh more than the standard AMG and a lower power to weight ratio? Personally I don't see the point but everyone to their own as they say. I'd take a 911 turbo/GT3 every time and be happy. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. I WAS ASKED AND ANSWERED HONESTLY. You like them. I don't. The world continues to turn.

Firstly, a standard CLK63 wasn't on sale in the US, had I wanted one (and I didn't). And it didn't have a lower power to weight ratio.

Secondly, the CLK63 Black is more than a new differential and greater power.

Thirdly, it was a low production car. So of course there was a premium involved. Can you say GT2?

The Black Series CLK is a great car other than the transmission. And it was hands down my favorite in that price range.

As far as the CLS is concerned I will just restate that I think you're mistaken.
It is a great looking vehicle. And the fact it sold well and that a bunch of other companies jumped on the bandwagon to get a competitor out shows I'm not alone.

Full disclosure- I owned a CLS55