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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
I'm talking looks alone. I'm not commenting on abilities of Benz'zzzz. To my eye they don't look remotely good. The SL was nice but the update has actually ruined it a bit IMO.

The Black series of cars are totally nonsensical vehicles. There is NO justification for the hike in price over the normal AMG version of each vehicle. Minuscule hikes in power and race suspension do not a hypercar make. They are basically priced in beyond some seriously exotic machines that are far more special and more able. Pointless again IMHO. Everyone to their own but I would have a long list of exotics well ahead of a black series.

In fact. I have no doubt you could improve the car far better going directly to third party tuners (maybe brabus?) and end up with a lot of money left over.

The CLS is one of the most ridiculous looking things I've ever seen. I looks like a banana on it's side.

How many "exotics" go for $138K?
My CLK63 Black is a pretty great vehicle. I picked it over a 997 Turbo and an R8. And the CLS is great looking car.