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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
Relax man.

You still missed my argument. First off, all the comparisons you just drew are durastic. C6 - Z06, S550 - S63, M3 - 335i. I'm talking about direct comparos. 335i - IS350/S5. M5 - E63/RS6. They're all in such a tight group yet people will argue to no end about which one performs better. It doesn't matter in real world driving. Unless, of course, you want to feel better sbout yourself by having the faster car.

Maybe I'm just too relaxed about it.

That's not what you said. Your premise involved people arguing over a few tenths of a second. And my comparisons weren't drastic, they were very similiar cars.
It seems you're belittling the idea of better performance in a performance car forum. All I'm saying is that a few tenths of a seconds do make a difference to most people buying a fast car.
And it's not that I disagree that there's a lot more to a vehicle than pure acceleration numbers (if there weren't I probably wouldn't have purchased my Black Series).