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▀▄ eas - TVinMOTION module installation on MY09 M3 (CIC iDrive)

BMW upgraded their iDrive systems in 2009 (CIC) which allows for DVDs to be played using the in-dash DVD system. Unfortunately, we are greeted with a "video is only available when parked" message and and blank screen.

Our TVinMOTION module acts as a safety override so you can decide if you would like this option enabled or not, allowing full video while the vehicle is motion for passengers on those long trips.

Detailed function description (* = Factory Setting):

Function 1 - Module Mode ( 0=OFF / *1=ON )
When disabled (setting 0), the module becomes completely inactive and behaves as if it was not installed. This is useful if you need to take the car to the dealer or garage for inspection or repairs. The module can not even be seen by and does not interfere with the manufacturer's workshop tester.

InstallAID™ LED:
This module is equipped with our unique installation help and status indicator LED. The LED signals a correct installation and shows the status of the module in a clear and easy to understand way.

LED OFF Ignition OFF:
CAN bus and module are in low-power standby mode. This is normal.

Ignition ON:
Either power connection or CAN bus connection is interrupted. Troubleshooting: Check the two wire taps for 12V and ground as well as the CAN connectors. Also make sure the CAN polarity is correct.

LED permanently ON
- Ignition OFF: Should not happen! CAN bus and module should enter standby mode after max. 1 min. The LED MUST turn off at some point.
- Ignition ON: Module is connected to CAN and power, but does not receive the correct data. Recheck all connections thoroughly.

LED blinks
CAN Bus is active, the module is connected correctly and ready for use.

This module is equipped with our interactive setup feature to allow easy setting of the desired options.

All programming is done by using the blinker stalk (3) and the two green turn signal (indicator) arrows (1,2). Functions are indicated by the left arrow (1) and their settings are indicated by the right arrow (2). Navigation is done by pushing the stalk down (next function) or pushing it up (next setting). After selecting the last function or function setting, the setup automatically jumps back to the first function / lowest setting. Each time either a new function is selected or a function's setting is changed, the arrows will indicate the new status by first blinking the function (left arrow) and then the current setting (right arrow).

To enter programming mode, first make sure the key is not in the ignition lock. Tap the UNLOCK button on the remote fob, then push and hold the blinker stalk UP (only into the first position, not all the way!) until the left arrow blinks once to indicate function 1. Now let go of the stalk. From this point on you can navigate through the functions by pushing the stalk down and once the arrows are finished indicating the function and setting, change the setting by pushing it up. The new settings are active immediately.

To end programming mode, either wait for 30 sec. or insert the key into the ignition lock. End of programming mode is indicated by both arrows lighting up simultaneously for 1 second.

Examples: Function 1 (Module mode) is set to ON (setting 1): Left arrow blinks 1x to indicate function 1, then right arrow blinks once to indicate that this function is set to setting 1. In case the left arrow is finished blinking and the right arrow does not light up at all, the appropriate function is set to setting 0 / OFF and hence disabled.

Installation - Steps 1-3

1. IMPORTANT: Turn ignition off, and pull key from ignition lock before installing the module! Remove the trim by pulling out on the end (1) and the middle (2). Unclip the plugs from the START/STOP button and the button panel between the air vents.

2. Pull out the Climate Control panel and disconnect the plugs on it's back.

3. Remove cover plate from Multimedia unit keypad. Like all the other parts it is just snapped in place.

Installation - Steps 4-6
4. Remove the 4 screws shown in the picture. Then pull Multimedia unit out. Be careful not to scratch the gear shifter (use towel).

5. Unplug the large black plastic plug by squeezing the tabs (1) together while pulling outward (direction of the arrow).

6. Connect the module as shown by tapping the power and ground wires (thick red/green and thick brown wire), then cut the pair of twisted CAN BUS (orange/green and green) wires that goes to the pins directly next to the power wires (not the 2nd pair going to the little inserted plug). Connect the module harness between the CAN wires, orange/green and green from RADIO side connecting to wires in slots 10 and 2 respectively and orange/green and green from car wiring harness to 11 and 3. All wires are numbered in the picture. Connect all plugs, install module in back right corner pocket before sliding Multimedia unit back in.

Reinstall all covers and plugs. Installation is complete. More info can be found on our website:

TVinMOTION Control for 3-series (e9x)

Note: Safety First! Please do not watch TV while driving and obey all laws applicable in your state.
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