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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
What are you talking about? Why bother getting a performance vehicle? Why buy an M? Why not a 335i and save a few bucks? Why bother with an S63 when an S550 is still quick? Why do people buy a Z06 when a standard C6 is really fast? etc.

Answer: because a few tenths are important to people.
I think you are missing his point. When you compare M3 vs 335i and Z06 vs C6. The M3 and Z06 have a much different involvement factor. It isn't the fact the M3 is a few tenths faster, it is the fact the car invokes a completely different feeling when driven at the limit. You are one with the car. I could have fun all day long on a track in a Miata/S2000, because the involvement factor of the cars. A feeling that some cars three times their price can't replicate on a track.

Although I agree with you on the S63 vs S550 comparison. A big ass boat, is a big as boat.