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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
What are you talking about? Why bother getting a performance vehicle? Why buy an M? Why not a 335i and save a few bucks? Why bother with an S63 when an S550 is still quick? Why do people buy a Z06 when a standard C6 is really fast? etc.

Answer: because a few tenths are important to people.
Relax man.

You still missed my argument. First off, all the comparisons you just drew are durastic. C6 - Z06, S550 - S63, M3 - 335i. I'm talking about direct comparos. 335i - IS350/S5. M5 - E63/RS6. They're all in such a tight group yet people will argue to no end about which one performs better. It doesn't matter in real world driving. Unless, of course, you want to feel better sbout yourself by having the faster car.

Maybe I'm just too relaxed about it.
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