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Until a recent change of opinion, it mattered quite a bit to me....

But recently after test driving the Challenger R/T and the GTR, I sort of had an epiphany. What makes a car worthwhile to me is not a 0-60 time or a skidpad number, nor even whether's it's interior is suitable for a king, it's much more indefinable. By all accounts the Challenger R/T has no place being compared with an M3 wherease to many (obviously not all) the GTR is a superior car. But of the two cars the only one I found myself thinking of a day or two after the test drive was the Challenger. It handled more sloppily than the M, didn't have nearly the acceleration of the GTR, adn the interior was adequate at best. And yet, I'd consider swapping out the M3 for it. It's appeal is undefinable. It's just *fun*.

I haven't thought about the GTR once since driving it. In fact, wherease before I tried it, I kept thinking about it and how it compared, now having had the chance to sample it, it has lost much of its mystique to me. I'm sure for people that regularly track their cars, the numbers *do* really matter, but for someone like me, I've decided they really are just the beginning of the evaluation...