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Originally Posted by houston06
I think thats unfortunate on the raping charges, yea he did commit adultery which is horrible but some slut who they had shown had sex and found sperm from 3 Differnet guys the Last 3 nights saw that she can make some serious cash bc he is a big player and went to sue him, she voluntarily went up in his room?...cmon now...adn 3 differnet guys, famous people become targets and its unfortunate bc no one realizes that he did not get Convicted, yea he commited adultery but he is not a rapists....michael jordan commited adultery, if that girl was as ambitious/evil as kobe's he couldve just as easily been accused but he did go into a legal battle for extra money she said he promised her, they have a messed up world and i dont believe its an acceptable lifestyle but i just dont htink it was rape ...anywho...yea lakers lost tongith but they are playing a hell of a team game...morrison is fun to watch on the bobcats, my rockets are getting on a roll, dont know whats worng with dallas....i want to see jj redick play more
I totally agree with what you saying. It is shocking at what lack of ethical behaviour exists anymore.:mad: I never doubted Kobe's innocense at all. He is too good to be raping anyone. he could pick the hotest girl in a club and have consensual sex whenever he wants. I really think the Kobe haters are really just hating him because of his skills.

As for LBJ, i like the kid but i could never compare him to Kobe nor would i say he is better than Kobe. I think LBJ plays like a shooting guard and a power forward. he effeciently mixes these two postions into his skill. Great rebounder and an alright shooter.