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Those few tenths do make a difference, especially if they can be easily duplicated in the real world. But most car buying decisions involve more factors than just speed and handling.

If you're looking at an SUV to haul the family around speed and handling might not be as important as creature comforts.
If you're looking at a really fast DD those same comforts may not be as important but I doubt you'll want to drive something as harsh as a Lotus around.


Speed, handling, useability, practicality, quality, style, and service can all be moved around depending on what you're looking for.
I know most people here aren't huge GT-R fans because it's not a pure enough track car. I like it beacuse I can lay to waste pretty much anything anytime and still feel comfortable taking a road trip with it, driving my boy around in, or goiing to the grocery store.

Oh I forgot, price. That's probably the biggest factor for anyone. Or we'd all be driving Cayenne Turbo S's, Veyrons, and 599s around.