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One last niblet.

I don't see a problem with supplements as you are just adding to what your body already makes and what you bring in from food.

That being said if you don't believe some of the claims from the supplement products or the science behind it, then the safest bet for everyone is to just take a MultiVitamin.

Everyone needs one because no one gets in all those vitamins with the food they eat.

For crying out load some people barely eat 3 meals a day.

As far as Creatine, I think it's a great product. Number one you wont get an effect amount from eating beef or whole foods with it as it doesn't have enough. (I think barely 1 gram depending on the amount of oz's you eat.)

The only real side effect I've experienced is you will get a little bloat but that is just a little water weight which you can get off with a 20 minutes session of cardio.

People are exaggerating the effects and not seeing the real potential for Creatine.
Even the side effect is good in a way. When your bulking up or trying to pack on lean muscle that extra water is welcome as it supports your joints from the heavy weight lifting. Again it's not like you can pack on 10 lbs of water.

I think an effective cycle of Creatine is between 6-10 grams a day. However, I only use creatine on the days I work out. So if you work out say 4 - 5 times a week. You can do two things.

A. See the effects of the creatine following the manufacturers guidelines or.....
B. Take it on the days you work out only and see if your still experiencing the effects.