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Now based on what I just wrote above.

If you just woke up then its probably best to drink a whey protein shake with the top two proteins. Due to the fact that you have been fasting all night and your body is in catabolism you want to feed your muscles as quickly as possible with a protein shake.

It wouldn't make much sense to drink a Casein Protein shake around this time as it is digested to slowly and your not going to get the benefits you want from it.

Same thing applies if you just got out of the gym. If you worked out hard and properly your body has used up its stores of Glycogen which is basically glucose stored in your muscles for energy. You know have to replenish those Glycogen stores with carbs. It makes sense to also throw in some protein because your muscles have just been broken down and you want to begin the healing process as soon as possible.

This is where protein shakes trump over traditional food because they are liquid and the absorption rate is significantly faster than that of chicken or beef.

After a workout the most logical thing to consume right after would be.

35-40 grams of protein or whatever your 1.5 X Bodyweight is, divided by 6 meals a day.
Along with maybe 40-60 grams of carbohydrates. Preferibly carbs that are rapidly or moderately digested as you need the Insulin spike to transport all of the nutrients to your torn down muscles. Don't eat a lot of fats around this time either as it will only slow down the digestion.

Please stay away from Muscle Milk. It has a mediocre protein in it, and a crap load of fat. Especially saturated fat.

Therefore, it's a crappy protein shake. At best, it has a GREAT taste!!