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Originally Posted by M3 vert View Post
You do realise that the 2009 Model E-Class generation was designed during the chrysler era

and the only difference for MY2009 is that the components were assembled by workers working under 100% mercedes management, who ironically enough probably also worked during the chrysler era! and on top of that components used should be pretty much the same (80-90% atleast) unless there was a facelift b/w the chrysler and modern merc era....probably not!

So to be very honest the new mercedes e-class will be produced components wise from the ground-up by the mercedes division. and perhaps when it was designed, there might have been some feedback from the chrysler division which explains the hideousness rear tail lights and the weird front end...

Have you seen the redesigned 2009 SL

Its the best looking luxury roadster period!

The 600 and 65 Series Mercedes will always be at a superior level then its competition.
Yes, I mean the S/CL/SL 600 and S/CL/SL 65 AMG.

The engineering in these 6 cars is top notch and although the design of these 3 might not appeal to everyone's senses, they are the best allrounders in there class when it comes to luxury and performance!
I think the new SL is the best looking out of the 3 models (S, CL, SL),
although I would say SL>S>CL.
The new CL just doesnt have the appeal of the old one

And, like they say once you go black you never come back...although a cheesy line but it couldn't be more true for the AMG Black series cars, which are at another level beyond the rest of its competition!
Yeah, no doubt that's all true. But I rationalize it the other way just to make it work for me. But despite that, the newer models of the W211 are substantially improved. And yes, all new models (i.e., W212) will have better technology and (presumably/hopefully) a better build.

But car buying is such a subjective and individual choice. No one is ever being 100% pragmatic and rational. The car enthusiast world would no longer exist as we know it, nor would this forum exist, if that were the case.

I chose the W211 because it works for me, not because it was the "best" choice. And that's how we all buy cars. I thought of the S but it was too big for me and I couldn't rationalize (in my world view) spending that sort of money on a daily driver, either as a lease or a buy. I'd rather spend it elsewhere. And the SL doesn't work as a daily for me. And so I waited for the W212 to appear, and ended up with the W211. The E63 is my best choice for a daily.

So, we choose what works for us at any given moment in our history. Usually not rational and normally not very pragmatic.

As case in point, I have a 993 that I have considered selling for a new 997. It's not as fast as a 997, it's not as advanced as a 997. But I prefer the way it drives over the 997. Only because I like the "old school" P-car feel (I've owned them before); more raw and visceral to me. So, I'm holding on to it. But a lot of people focus only on the new stuff from Stuttgart.

Different strokes for different folks. Which is a good thing. Do what gives you, and only you, pleasure in life. That's all that matters.