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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
While the W211 body looks great, the earlier runs of productions were plagued by poor craftsmanship and constant engine / electrical problems. It wasn't until the 2006 model year that they finally had all the things sorted out. I was an owner of an '06 W211 E55 AMG. I agree that it is a great car and it has not seen much of the shop at all except of two extended body shop trip due to the incompetent dealership of Herb Chambers.
Ya, that's why I got the 2009. I've owned MBs in the past but skipped the 2000-2006 period (1998-2007; the "Chrysler era") My 1990s era cars were tanks. And the 2008-2009 are not too shabby either.

Another reason for avoiding the W212, other than it's body design, is the "new model" syndrome. I'd rather wait until the gremlins get worked out in successive builds.

Also, with the current economy I wonder what shortcuts are going to be made by all mfgs concerning quality.

And then there's the disgruntled workers who have had pay cuts and reduced benefits. And vendors who are running on shoestring budgets........