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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
So for a car like the Viper ACR where the suspension has a wide range of adjustment to dial in the car for a partiular track, your argument would be that it must be run at the ring in whatever configuration its sent to the dealer in? Seriously???

Come on Swamp, the car was designed to have those parameters varied to achieve maximum performance on the track. That one of the things you pay for, and there is nothing wrong with using that feature in the pursuit of lap times.

There is no way 99% of people agree with you on this one.
It's a philosophical argument.

If you believe a published ring time should represent what a car driven off a dealer lot and onto the ring ( with no adjustments to suspension geometry or aerodynamics ) can run, then it's cheating.

If you believe a published ring time should represent the ultimate limit of the car, with a race team making suspension alterations on an iterative basis, and equipped with a $25,000 wheel & tire package only available in one country, then it's perfectly acceptable.
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