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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I mostly agree here and that was the point! You stated explicitly if the owner can easily do it themselves then it is still factory/showroom stock and I vehemently disagree. Chipping is the obvious counter example. A part is not replaced and sometimes even nothing has to be removed, it is simply different software. Now perhaps this is not generally owner achievable on the GT-R, because as I have heard their encryption is pretty good. Nonetheless the counter example, as a general point stands.

If you don't and can't draw a line between an adjustment that takes mechanical tools and permanently alters the handling and tire wear (until equivalently undone, again by a similar mechanical process) and pressing a single button, designed to be pressed at will by the operator, I don't think there is much point in continuing the debate.

"Showroom stock" is absolutely clear and precise to 99% of folks out there. The Nissan apologists, of course will twist and clear definition to vindicate Nissan.

So for a car like the Viper ACR where the suspension has a wide range of adjustment to dial in the car for a partiular track, your argument would be that it must be run at the ring in whatever configuration its sent to the dealer in? Seriously???

Come on Swamp, the car was designed to have those parameters varied to achieve maximum performance on the track. That one of the things you pay for, and there is nothing wrong with using that feature in the pursuit of lap times.

There is no way 99% of people agree with you on this one.