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Glad you had a good time. I think you are running too much pressure in the BFGs. That's probably why your fronts were corded in two days. You won't roll them with 39-40 hot, even with stock camber. I ran them in that range for 3 track days before I got my camber plates, and they were just fine. My experience is that grip goes down significantly as they go above 42-43. Also, the warning messages you are getting are NOT normal/expected. I've had many track days with this car and have not recieved a single warning message. There have been many other track reports with various setups, and no warnings that I can remember. I would get them checked out. The rolling diameters of your tires seem fine to me--the F/R difference is not extreme. I can't remember what the BMW spec for the difference is but you can ask your dealer, or take the stock difference as a known working spec.