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Originally Posted by Panda///Monic View Post
ha ha, since its wired its a must to get the PA system with animal noises/Sirens and Ice Cream truck music
I wired one up in my cousin's avalanche last year. Every time I ride in it, he gets pissed at me because I "use it too much"; it's on the to-do list for my car, don't worry.

Originally Posted by mj41 View Post
He already answered your question

Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
hahaha .... damn thats crazy... you're going to scare all the poor little old ladies driving on the street!

In my E46, I had two horns for a few months. Some woman in her SUV on her cell phone started drifting into my lane. I hit the horns and she damn near ran off the opposite side of the road because it scared her so bad.