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Originally Posted by gobuffs View Post
Ugh...worst BMW dealership I have ever dealt with. Service dept told my wife that she wasn't worth the hassle to get a good will fix on her Z3.
Yeah, I guess their service dept sucks. Classic BMW is a another dealer that may have better service, but they were charging me about $3K more on the same M3 I wanted to order. Classic BMW is a HUGE dealership, and they don't give HUGE discounts like Moritz or any of the other smaller dealerships. I'll most likely go to Classic for all my service since they're only about 5 minutes away from me, but we'll see how they're service dept is. My previous car was an Evo IX MR, and I had a dealership about 5 minutes away also.....But their service was horrible, so I went 30 minutes out of the way to the dealership that had a very cool service rep. He never gave me a hard time, and that's why I went to him.