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1991 318is  [0.00]
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust in stainless steel with white face and black Roman numerals. It's my everyday watch, because it's been with me since 1989, longer than any other.

Others which come out every now and then:
-Breitling Super Ocean Automatic in stainless steel with black face
-Chronoswiss Delphis in stainless steel with silver face and black leather band

The above watches are listed in order of acquisition. I need to get another watchwinder too as those are all automatic.

Beloved everyday watches from the past:
-Luminox Navy SEAL watch, the original product they put out. That sucker's crown broke off. Oops.
-Some sporty looking analog Casio thing. Crown broke off that sucker too.

I love luxury watches. However, I doubt I would buy something that I would perceive to be of equal or lesser value/workmanship/etc. than the watches I already have. I would buy something more special. Of course, that might mean shelling out $xx,xxx or $xxx,xxx. I'm neither willing, nor able to spend that kind of money at this time.

I might change my tune when I'm earning more money, but for now, this is what I have. A friend asked me what my next watch was going to be. I said, I'm done. Maybe, if/when I can afford to buy something like an IWC Portuguese or one of their Pilot's Watch chronos or something. But who knows? Maybe, I've reached my ceiling on luxury watches. Maybe, I'll just prefer to put my money in some kind of investment or savings vehicle. Maybe, I'll just prefer to put that money into a nicer car. Maybe, I'll just prefer to buy something nice for my woman. I don't know, but for now, I'm done. My watch lust has abated. I still appreciate them, however. Still love to look at them while I window shop.
E30 1991 318is, Red on Black Leatherette

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