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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
I'm kind of the opposite opinion. I think the interior of an M is significantly better than the GTR while the exterior is a toss up. Performance wise there's no contest.
Oh, no doubt. The GTR is in a different league performance-wise than the M3. In fact, the GTR was the first car I considered prior to picking up the M3 and I'm still very curious to see what it's like. I'm pretty confident I made the right choice for *me*, however, given I can't even tap the M3s potential on public roads without endangering myself or ending up in jail*. I've also read the GTR is somewhat less livable as a DD but will have to see how I feel after a test drive.

*Made an ill advised attempt to pass a semi on a twisty Oregon two lane road, not realizing there was another semi in front of it and towards oncoming cars. Once committed I had to follow through, but hit hit 150mph before I got back in my lane. I nearly shit myself.