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Originally Posted by rapistwit View Post
I'm looking for $75-80K. I just put new Pirelli PZero Corsas on it.

I'll probably drive the Nissan as a DD.

I currently have four vehicles and its just too expensive. I want to get down to three between my wife and me.

I'm definitely selling my wife's X5 and the Mercedes. My wife will drive the Cayenne GTS (which she loves compared to the Bimmer).

For me there are two options:

Option #1-Just keep the GTR as my DD for winter and the GT3 for the non snowy seasons.

Option #2-Sell the GTR to a friend of mine (who currently owns my old E46 M3) and buy a used Cayenne GTS, Turbo, or Turbo S for winter and use the GT3 for summer.
Honestly, I'd go with option #1. I've driven the GT-R and with all that ability and as easy as it is to drive, it could be the ultimate DD. However, I will argue that the GT3 (I'm basing this on the 997.1) is one of the most entertaining driver's cars in existence, so you could use that when the weather is okay. As a Cayenne GTS owner, I don't really know why you would want to have two of them.

Sorry, I didn't read through your pdf, but when is your scheduled delivery for the GT3? Also good luck with the sale of the BS as owners have been taking serious hits on those cars lately.