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Originally Posted by Mega Man View Post
You can also try a really low fat diet, under 40g fat per day, and get into your fatburn zone for an hour at least 3 times per week.

I'm at 8% body fat, and I understand you have to get into the 6% or lower zone to have really visible abs. My abs are visible if I lean back, or purposefully flex them. I'd like to have them fully visible all the time but I'm not sure if I can sustain that low of a body fat and be happy.

That said, I'm quite content with hard abs that aren't always visible. I'm with you on "stubborn" abdominal fat though. I can lose fat every where relatively easily, but that ab fat just likes to stay where it is.
There are people with 10% body fat and cut abs. Genetics play a role here. It's not the same for everyone.