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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
The M3 DCT is barely, and I mean barely faster than the OLD Porsche 911S in a straight line.
The M3 DCT traps around 113 mph stock, the old C2S did 112+.
The regular Carrera with PDK out accelerated the M3 DCT in a recent Car and Driver road test.

It's no surprise the more powerful Carrera S would put a few car lengths on it.

That Kelleners tune for the M3 must suck though, doesn't seem like it did anything to even keep the M3 close to the P-car.

Looks like the C2S might trap in the 116+ mph range stock. Quick car, lovely car, but over $100k decently equipped now is insane.
That 911 C2S PDK is very quick, it's beaten heaps of other higher powered cars...IIRC the M5 touring with 507HP only beat it by a couple of car lengths...

That same modified M3 DCT beat C63 so I don't think the tune sucks...