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Originally Posted by zacbol View Post
I found out the local Nissan dealer had some GTRs (4-5 of them actually) and funnily enough this was on the window of one of them. What are the odds? On a positive note, I'm figuring at least this will mean they won't be afraid to give me a test drive; I'm still damn curious about the car and how it compares to the M.

On a side note, my girlfriend thought the interior of the GTR was *nicer* than the M. She did, however, think the exterior was hideous. In her words, "If your car is a 9, that thing is a -5". I mostly agree, which is totally opposite of what I expected; I thought I'd dislike the interior and be impressed with the exterior. Not so much.

I'm kind of the opposite opinion. I think the interior of an M is significantly better than the GTR while the exterior is a toss up. Performance wise there's no contest.