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thanks for the help. i started the car to go to work this morning and the mp3 cd played fine (from the dash, i do not have the cd changer option). i hate that it fixed itself over night because i'm afraid it will do it again permanently next time when my warranty is over.

slight problem, on my HOME from work, as I was turning the iDrive dial to scroll for a song, the dial went into a free spin where there was no force feedback. I kept on pressing the menu button and the button next to it (voice command) but no response. I was able to go back and forth on tracks with the buttons on the steering wheel but the dial did nothing but spin free. after about 30 seconds the iDrive went back to the start menu and the dial got it's force feedback again. but the voice cammand went on and off about 6-7 times because i repeatedly pressed before to wake the dial back up.

how would the dealership fix this if i can't recreate the incident. would me explaining this be enough grounds to replace something that would assure its reliability (fingers crossed them replacing the iDrive system)

i am predicting the FAILDOZER to be make a massive appearance on my iDrive in the future (most likely after warranty is over)